Explore some of the fields where our custom robots have been integrated.


"Industrial" can cover a wide range of uses, but they all have one thing in common: Motion.

From simply picking up and relocating a part, to micro-positioning; if a part needs to move, a Mikrolar product can do it with ease and accuracy. 


Robots can replicate specific joint motions both accurately and repeatedly for research. Parallel mechanisms in particular provide the freedom of motion, programmability, and stiffness required for these types of tests. 


Mikrolar has developed a radical new approach to sim technology. Whether for entertainment, or something more serious such as a flight simulator, we can customize our systems to fit your application. 

Water Jet Cutting

Mikrolar has addressed a significant issue in the manufacturing field, and as a result has developed a system for rapid measuring, programming, and custom 5-axis water jet cutting of complicated or irregular parts. 


Integrating robotics into a process often comes at the cost of bulkiness in size and weight. Find out how Mikrolar has addressed this complication for customers tight on space, or looking for easy relocation while maintaining our signature accuracy and repeatability.  

Custom Design

Whatever the size or scope of the project, a custom system can be designed, engineered, and built by Mikrolar for your custom application. Whether it's a single actuator, complete system, or something unique; our years of experience can solve your problem.