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Mikrolar A4000 Actuators


Mikrolar's actuators come in a variety of sizes, excelling in accuracy, repeatability, and both axial and radial stiffness. All actuators are designed, assembled, and tested in-house so we can meet your required specifications.


Mikrolar's Actuator Mapping Jig


What sets Mikrolar's actuators apart from the rest? Learn why you should choose us for your actuator applications.

Mikrolar A2000 Actuator


Our 'standard issue' actuator used in many of our Hexapods, the A2000 has a dynamic load rating over 3,700 lb (1,700 kg).

Mikrolar SP-001 Actuator


Currently our most powerful actuator, a custom design with a dynamic load rating over 165,000 lb (75,000 kg).

Mikrolar A1100 Actuator


Our smallest actuator design, measuring just over 9 in (230 mm) when fully retracted.

Mikrolar A4000 Actuator


The A4000 provides one of our highest force outputs, with a dynamic load rating of over 20,000 lb (9,072 kg).

Mikrolar A1250 Actuator


A lightweight version of our 'standard' A2000, weighing a mere 16 lb (7.3 kg).

Mikrolar A4800 Actuator


Currently our largest production actuator model, with a 70.9 in (1,800 mm) stroke.

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