Explore some of the projects and designs we've been a part of over the years.

PPE Vest Trimming

Mikrolar increases the accuracy and safety of water jet cutting, while reducing down time for replacement parts.


Mikrolar assists the development of robotic satellite refueling and repair by providing a simulation platforms.

U of Alberta

Mikrolar develops a platform to better study "spinal mechanics," in an effort to understand factors leading to back pain. 

U of Sask.

Mikrolar provides a tractor simulator for the U. of Saskatchewan to study the effects of whole-body vibration in an effort to reduce operator injuries.

Jogging Simulator

Mikrolar provides a platform to simulate  a person's jogging movement with this versatile P1500 system.

Draper Labs

Mikrolar creates the foundation of an immersive 3D moon landing simulator for Draper's "Hack the Moon" project.

U of Calgary

Mikrolar replicates the range and motion of a knee, enabling the university to do further research into osteoarthritis.


In a collaborative effort, Mikrolar assisted  developing an automated drilling and fastening system for airplane wings.


Mikrolar assists with calibrating the eighteen primary mirrors of the James-Webb telescope.


Mikrolar increases the safety and accuracy of the train suspension refurbishing process via touch probe, tool changer, and welder.


Mikrolar produces a platform for MSU to study the mechanisms of manual medicine in treating back and neck pain. 


Mikrolar simulates extreme testing for KVH industries mobile satellite antennas for sea, land, and air applications.