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PPE Vest Trimming

Mikrolar P2100 Hexapod Water Jet Cutting System

P2100 Hexapod Water Jet.

Mikrolar's WaterJet System Improves PPE Vest Trimming

Previously, breastplate production was not an easy task. As a part of the process, excess fiberglass must be removed from the edges of the plates (as seen in the picture at the bottom of the page). Band-saws are commonly used to accomplish this. However, this presents two conflicting challenges: (1) the goal of speed to keep the production line moving, and (2) the necessity of accuracy to ensure the part is cut to specifications. These conflicting requirements lead to possible risk of injury, failure to meet accurate results, and regular downtime to change the band-saw blades.

The P2100 Hexapod, paired with the C2000 Measuring Hexapod, provides a solution to all of these issues simultaneously. To ensure accuracy, each part is quickly traced with the C2000, and automatically compared to the required specifications. The system is then able to create a custom path. Next, the part is transferred to the water jet (guided by the P2100), and cut accordingly.

Mikrolar C2000 Hexapod manual measuring touch probe.

C2000 Measuring Hexapod.

The entire duration of the process lasts less than a minute per part. The amount of downtime required for tool changes is drastically reduced, which allows for a more consistent production line. Best of all, along with improvements to production we also see an increase in worker safety. Unlike the previous operation with the use of band-saws, operators are not in contact with the part during the actual cutting process when using our water jet system. They are protected by a variety of safety measures and fail-safes. 

You can find more information by visiting water jet cutting in applications.

C2000 & P2100 Hexapod Water Jet Cutting Process.

PPE Vest pieces before trimming.

Vest parts before trimming.

Mikrolar P2100 Hexapod during water jet cutting.

P2100 Water Jet in action.

Mikrolar full measuring-to-water jet cutting system.

Full Measure-to-Water Jet System.

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