- PPE Vest Trimming

Water Jet Cutting

P2100 Hexapod WaterJet.

Mikrolar's WaterJet System Improves PPE Vest Trimming

Previously, part of the breastplate production process required workers to quickly trim excess fiberglass using a band-saw, while aiming for accurate results. This meant regular downtime to change blades, possible risk of injury, and potentially failing to meet the necessary specifications.

The P2100 Hexapod, paired with the C2000 Measuring Hexapod, solves all of these issues. A part is quickly traced with the C2000, automatically compared to the required specifications, and a path is then created by the system. The part is then transferred to the water jet, (guided by the P2100) and cut accordingly. The entire duration of the process lasting less than a minute, while increasing safety and reducing downtime for tool changes!

(For more information, see Water Jet Cutting in APPLICATIONS.)

C2000 Measuring Hexapod.

Vest parts before trimming.

Full Measure-to-WaterJet System.

P2100 WaterJet in action.