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Custom Design

Custom assembly line with pneumatic controls to lift tables

Custom Applications

Beyond the scope of custom robotics, Mikrolar can apply their creative engineering, control, and integration skills to your specialty application. Whatever the size or scope of the project, a custom motion solution can be designed, engineered, integrated, built, and tested by Mikrolar. With years of experience in handling both custom and challenging requirements, Mikrolar can solve your problem.

As seen in the slide of pictures above, this website showcases a variety of our custom projects. This includes an abnormally shaped Hexapod, actuator with over 120,000 lbf, hybrid Hex-Rotopod, portable P1500 Hexapod, and a manual touch probe measuring system. These examples are just a few of the "outside the box" projects we've done over the years. 


Contact us for a conversation to see if we can help discover your custom solution.

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