Satellite Servicing

NBC Interview on NASA's refueling project.

Mikrolar Helps NASA Simulate Refueling Satellites

With around 1,800 operating satellites in orbit, and only two that are actually serviceable, something as simple as fuel has consistently brought satellites to an early retirement. Mikrolar's R2000 Rotopod (legacy of the R3000) and P8000 Hexapod have helped NASA simulate and develop a way to refuel, and thus extend the life of, satellites - even if they weren't originally designed to be serviced.


Satellites have become a part of every day life, being utilized by NASA, the U.S., and the commercial industry. Yet, when millions of dollars are involved to manufacture and launch; decommissioning because of a lack of fuel or other encountered problems is a waste. This research and testing marks the beginning of a satellite servicing industry that will make spaceflight more sustainable, affordable, and resilient. 

For more media, check out some of NASA's posts about their Hexapod. 

NASA Asteroid mockup.png

R2000 with an Asteriod Mockup.


P8000 Tests Satellite Servicing.


NASA's Satellite Servicing Facility.