- R3000




Some applications require 360 (or more) degrees of rotation. With Mikrolar's patented R-Series Rotopod, you can have all the rotation you require, while maintaining the stiffness and accuracy inherent in a parallel mechanism.

The current standard model of the R-Series Rotopod is the R3000. With improved stiffness and quieter motion than the R2000, the addition of the Nexen Ring, THK rail, and Hephaist joints to our device has provided one of the quickest, high-payload-capable Parallel Robots, with accelerations of up to 2G. (But if you still need more, see our R3100 model.)

All of our robots use the same core software; how you communicate with them is up to you. Whether you wish to use a language you are already familiar with such as G-code, or you require a custom designed solution such as feedback from exterior measuring devices, Mikrolar can write a custom interface to suit your needs.

R3000 Test Run Footage.