- R3100




While maintaining all of the benefits of the R3000 Rotopod (360 or more degrees of rotation, stiffness, accuracy inherent of a Stewart Platform, etc) the R3100 is an upgraded model built for speed.

The newest version in the R-Series line is fast - up to 400 degrees per second fast. It continues to use the same Nexen Ring, THK rail, and Hephaist joints as the R3000, but improved with a larger motor and Onvio gearboxes for the sole purpose of moving around the ring as quickly as possible. The R3100 has become the quickest, high-payload-capable Parallel Robot on the market.

All of our robots use the same core software; how you communicate with them is up to you. Whether you wish to use a language you are already familiar with such as G-code, or you require a custom designed solution such as feedback from exterior measuring devices, Mikrolar can write a custom interface to suit your needs.

R3100 Vertical Test Footage.