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Mikrolar Rotopod Tractor Vibration Simulator at University of Saskatchewan

R3000 Rotopod "TVS"  at the University of Saskatchewan.

Mikrolar's R3000 Used to Study Effects of Whole-Body Vibration

"Agriculture is among the most dangerous occupations in Canada and the number of fatal injuries and hospitalization in agriculture is still very high despite increased mechanization. Machinery is the most important cause of injury in agriculture. Machinery can expose farmers to both whole-body vibration during operation and to risk of falls during egress." - Dr. Catherine Trask

The R3000 Rotopod "Tractor Vibration Simulator" (TVS) helps investigate the effects of whole-body vibration in order to develop preventative measures for farmers. A goal of both decreasing the risk of injury and protecting long-term health.

For more information on this project and our rotary hexapod, read the article on the University of Saskatchewan's Ergonomics Lab "Take a Break from the Shake: Evaluating controlled vibration exposure and rest-break interventions."

Driving through a simulated field using the Tractor Vibration Simulator

Tractor Vibration Simulation.

University of Saskatchewan Logo
Mikrolar R3000 Rotopod at University of Saskatchewan

R3000 Rotopod.

Xiaoke Zeng and Catherine Trask standing next to tractor.

Xiaoke Zeng & Dr. Catherine Trask.

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