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Geometric Design

A1100 Actuator

Mikrolar A1100 Actuator

The A1100 is one of the smallest of  our actuator designs, measuring just over 9 in. (230 mm.) when fully retracted. It is one of our most accurate and repeatable models. Yet, despite its small size, it can still pack quite a punch with a dynamic load rating of 348 lb. (158 kg.). The A1100 can be found in our P1000 Hexapod

Mikrolar's Actuator Mapping Jig

Mikrolar's Actuator Mapping Jig.

Mikrolar Actuators

From years of experience, we provide improved interior construction and software with our actuators. Our assembly and testing process results in actuators that are accurate, repeatable, and rigid. Tell us your requirements, and we'll design a custom actuator to fit your application.

Why choose Mikrolar for your actuator needs? Learn more on our Actuators product page.

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