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Geometric Design

P1500 Hexapod

330 lb

150 kg


32.8 in ø

 833 mm ø

Working Volume (X,Y)

12.4 in

 315 mm

Working Volume (Z)

0.001 in

25 µm


Mikrolar P1500 Hexapod


A lightweight model with varying options and designs, while still maintaining the usual rigidity and accuracy. This system has been the foundation to a variety of projects, including both simulation and industrial milling. 


One of the newest conventional Hexapods from Mikrolar, the P1500 is flexible for customers with particular restraints. By utilizing our A1250 actuators, this model has the potential for a reduced footprint, weight, or cost compared to the P2100. We can comfortably adapt its design to fit within your requirements. Whether you need a lightweight version for easy repositioning (less than 80 lb or 36.3 kg), you're tight on space, or need a Hexapod on a budget; the P1500 fits right in.

This model is great if you will need to operate in multiple locations for two reasons: (1) our software allows for quick set-ups and changes to the coordinate systems, and (2) the light weight of the mechanical system provides the opportunity to adapt to a variety of work environments. We've had projects that utilize tracks, a frame fitted with wheels, or even a Hexapod designed light enough to lift via a team of two. See our Jogging Simulator project, and our sections on Portability and Slide Axes for a few examples of transportation. 

All of our robots use the same core software; how you communicate with them is up to you. With the use of the same simple user interface as every other Mikrolar robot, you will find operating and programming this Hexapod to be both simple and straight-forward. Whether you wish to use a language you are already familiar with such as G-code, or you require a custom designed solution such as feedback from exterior measuring devices, Mikrolar can write a custom interface to suit your specific application. 


Integrating our standard software into custom control solutions or various environments is common. If it is preferred, we can help customers with their application environment or special needs.

Footage of a P1500 Test Cut.

P1500 Hexapod

# of Axes



792 x 915 mm

Height (Loading)

833 mm

Table Top Size

497 mm ø

Mechanical Weight

36.3 kg


Max Translation (X,Y)

833 mm ø

Max Heave (Z)

315 mm

Pitch and Roll (A,B)

± 25°

Yaw (C)

± 15°

Motion Speed

X,Y - 1,244 mm/s

Z - 254 mm/s

Continuous Force / Actuator

73 kg

Max Force / Actuator

220.5 kg


25 μm


± 75 μm

Ambient Temperature

0 to 45°C

Mechanical Brakes

All Axes

Power Requirements

208V, 100A

Environmental Spec


Mikrolar P1500 Hexapod with coolant system milling metal
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