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Geometric Design

Slide Axis

Mikrolar P2350 Hexapod with an additonal ballscrew slide axis

While we accomplish a variety of working volumes through our different Hexapod models, a larger model isn't always the solution to a greater working area. You may not need the increased power, size, or cost that comes with a larger model. 

Fortunately, we've had a variety of jobs over the years with this type of need. Whether for automated industrial uses, simulation, or something in between, we can install one (or more) additional slide axes to your Hexapod. We've utilized both ballscrew and rack-and-pinion styles for accurate solutions, a winch for powered assistance, or simply a track for manual movement. If you need your slide to be accurately controlled as part of the application process, or simply to move the machine between required locations -- we've got you covered.

As shown in both the picture slides above and video below, a slide axis can be applied to any of our systems. It allowed our Hexapod to reach anywhere within its frame in a process to refurbish train axels for the rail industry.  We've created a slide small enough to accommodate the P1000 Hexapod, and even applied it to our R-Series Rotopods on occasion. We're ready to work with you for whatever your custom application may require.

Variety of Mikrolar Hexapods with a Slide Axis.

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