- P3000




Based on the P-Series concept, the P3000 system is larger than the P1000 and P2100 models. Utilizing this extended range of motion, the P3000 can easily be applied to applications that require a larger working envelope.

Our first application for this product was the "Hex-A-Jet," a revolutionary Water Jet Cutting system. By utilizing the 6-degree-of-freedom characteristics offered by a parallel mechanism, the Hex-A-Jet can greatly increase its accuracy by compensating for the natural taper of the water jet nozzle. Along with increasing the accuracy of a normal system, the P3000 will also allow for true 5-axis cutting, opening the door for many new applications in water jet cutting technology.

All of our robots use the same core software; how you communicate with them is up to you. Whether you wish to use a language you are already familiar with such as G-code, or you require a custom designed solution such as feedback from exterior measuring devices, Mikrolar can write a custom interface to suit your needs.

Footage of a P3000 in Action.