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Geometric Design

P3000 Hexapod

441 lb

200 kg


61.7 in ø

 1,566 mm ø

Working Volume (X,Y)

26.2 in

 665 mm

Working Volume (Z)

0.001 in

30 µm


Mikrolar P3000 Hexapod


The P3000 Hexapod features actuators with a longer stroke in comparison to our typical Hexapod systems. This design has been used for water jet cutting, industrial machining, and other applications

that require an increased working volume. 


Based on the P-Series concept, the P3000 Hexapod features A2000 actuators with a longer stroke compared to our typical P2100. Utilizing this extended range of motion, the P3000 can easily be applied to applications that require a larger working envelope.

Our first application for this product was the "Hex-A-Jet," a revolutionary water jet cutting system. By utilizing the 6-degree-of-freedom characteristics offered by a parallel mechanism, the Hex-A-Jet can greatly increase its accuracy by compensating for the natural taper of the water jet nozzle. Along with increasing the accuracy of a normal system, the P3000 will also allow for true 5-axis cutting. This opens the door for a variety of new applications of water jet cutting technology.

This initial job has led to similar projects recently. Visit our Water Jet Cutting and PPE Vest Trimming pages to find recent pictures, videos, and information on how we have improved upon the original.

All of our robots use the same core software; how you communicate with them is up to you. With the use of the same simple user interface as every other Mikrolar robot, you will find operating and programming this Hexapod to be both simple and straight-forward. Whether you wish to use a language you are already familiar with such as G-code, or you require a custom designed solution such as feedback from exterior measuring devices, Mikrolar can write a custom interface to suit your specific application. 


Integrating our standard software into custom control solutions or various environments is common. If it is preferred, we can help customers with their application environment or special needs.

Footage of a P3000 Hexapod in Action.

P3000 Hexapod

# of Axes



1,187 x 1,028 mm

Height (Loading)

1,515 mm

Table Top Size

432 mm ø

Mechanical Weight

450 kg


Max Translation (X,Y)

1,566 mm ø

Max Heave (Z)

665 mm

Pitch and Roll (A,B)

± 25°

Yaw (C)

± 15°

Motion Speed

X,Y - 1,500 mm/s

Z - 300 mm/s

Continuous Force / Actuator

408 kg

Max Force / Actuator

1,700 kg


30 μm


± 75 μm

Ambient Temperature

0 to 45°C

Mechanical Brakes

All Axes

Power Requirements

208V, 100A

Environmental Spec


Mikrolar P3000 Hex-A-Jet Water Jet Cutting System

Original P3000 Hex-A-Jet.


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